DIY Paper Mache Home Decor

Earlier I was thinking about those neat paper mache boxes that you can purchase at the craft store and even though they are inexpensive, I still always figured you could make your own paper mache box some way.  I did a search to see if I could find a tutorial for one but I got side tracked with all of these other neat paper mache projects.  Look what I found:

paper mache covered bottles @ Loving City Living
Loving City Living  made these super cute bottles by covering them with paper mache made from pages from an old book and then a final coat of Mod Podge was applied... love that stuff! 

DIY paper mache letters @ Green Zebra Crafts
Green Zebra Crafts has the tutorial on how to make fantastic letters from any font you want.... by using, get ready....old cereal boxes!!!!! I think she's done a fabulous job with this and she has shared an awesome photo illustrated tutorial as well.

paper mache lights @ Reese Dixon
How about these cute yard lights made from paper mache by Reese Dixon . I bet these are all colorful and glowing when it's dark. I can hardly wait to try and made some of these myself.  Be sure to check out her very nice, photo illustrated tutorial showing you how to make these strings of lights.

paper mache bowl @ The Lulu Bird

This is a very nice DIY paper mache bowl I found at The Lulu Bird . She has really done a great job! I love the stitching detail around the top rim of the bowl. She has also shared the tutorial as well.

cute paper mache vase @ Life and Art by Andrea Rodgers

Life and Art by Andrea Rodgers  shared how to make this cute vase from paper mache.  I could see making a few of these in different shapes and putting together as a group display.  They kind of remind me of the bumpy texture of the old milk glass vases.. very pretty :0)  She shares the vase tutorial plus the paper mache recipe that always works for her.


Anonymous said...

Paper mache is so fun! I haven't done it since I was a young child but I can't wait to do it again. I really like the idea of making letters out of cereal boxes and covering them in paper mache!

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