Faux Metal Ceiling Tiles

If you are lucky enough to own your home, you may be interested in these beautiful embossed faux metal ceiling tiles for a inexpensive yet bold transformation.  They are made from a type of Styrofoam called Polystyrene or PVC.  They aren't soft like Styrofoam but more like a hard plastic.  They are very easy to install and it wouldn't take very many to cover the ceiling of a small room if you want to do a low budget, high impact makeover.   They come in many different colors.. and you can even buy them white (which usually costs less) and paint them yourself.  You can purchase them in-store at places like Lowe's and Home Depot or you could get them online at several places. They are not really all that expensive considering how easy they are to install and the huge impact they can make.  Here are some photos:

antique copper

Antique Silver Tiles 
antique copper tiles fully installed
white tiles
All the above photos belong to nagolya via Flickr and there are LOTS more photos there too!

Thanks for reading... I hope I have inspired you :0)


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