Lightbox- Curb Find

Last summer I was driving down the road one day and noticed a lot of misc. "garbage" sitting on the curb waiting for the trash man to come.  I was a bit intrigued because it looked like there were a set of candles in bucket and some other misc. stuff.  I just couldn't help but pull over and check out to see what these people were throwing away.. Among all the stuff piled up I found this light box along with some wierd x-ray films.. I wasn't interested in the films but the light box did interest me.  I figured it must have been not working but didn't know for sure and thought it would be a shame if it actually worked and was thrown out.  I took it along with the candles :0)   I got home, plugged it in and to my amazement... it worked GREAT!  Here it is:

Light boxes are great for lots of different things from arts and crafts to photography... I really have found this light box to be very useful for me..  I normally don't go looking for trash but if I see something sitting at the curb with the garbage, I don't mind pulling over to have a look.  The saying really is true..... One person's trash can be another person's treasure.


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