Gorgeous DIY and Refurbished Chandeliers

I have always loved the the look of chandeliers.  Some of them are so beautiful and amazing!  Unfortunately, new ones usually come at a hefty price.. way more than I would be willing to spend. I wanted to take a look around and see some DIY ideas for them and maybe some that were make-overs and as always the internet delivers! I wanted to share with you what I found.  You will be amazed....

made over chandelier @ Suzie's Cottage
 She purchased this one used and really did a great job fixing it up! I love the crystals and the pretty roses on the chain. Visit the link to see before and after.

hemp pendant chandeliers @ Crafty Nest

I am crazy about these pendant chandeliers. These particular ones were made using hemp but I believe these could also be made using yarn, twine or even jute.  She also has shared a very nice, photo illustrated tutorial.

pretty diy chandelier@Brassy Apple

I love this simple pink one made from wire basket forms.. how cool is that!   I like how it's dressed up with the string of pearls..and the pink chains look really cute.  Of course, if you were doing your own you could slather the pearls and crystals as much as you want. This would be cute for a little girls room. I really appreciate the nice, photo illustrated tutorial too.

aqua chandelier @ Shabbyfufu
I am crazy about using jars and this is NO exception.. LOVE this chandelier.. especially the pretty blue color. There are lots more stunning photos and also an explanation of how this beautiful chandelier came to be.


diy chandelier @ My House of Giggles

Another pretty DIY chandelier with lots of strings of pearls and crystals... I LOVE this! Be sure to have a look at all of the pretty photos plus illustrated  tutorial.

diy chandelier @ Gus and Lula
Wow.. this one is gorgeous and there's an awesome illustrated tutorial on how to make it too. It's made using those string beads like you can buy during Christmas or you could use those long mardi gras necklaces which is what I think she used.  I love the blue color of paint that was used. That's another fun thing about this... when you are done making your own, it can be painted any color you want :0)

refurbished chandelier @ Frugally Minded Homemaker
Can you believe this started out as a plain brass chandelier? Hop on over and have a look at the before photo. She's done an amazing job on this. I love the brushed silver look.

refurbished chandelier @ Design Mom
Spray paint can do wonders! This is such a pretty shade of blue.  It has that shabby chic look to it.. amazing!

refurbished chandelier @ Vickie Howell

LOVE this hot pink color..and can you believe she used fabric paint... oh yeah, she sure did and it looks amazing!! Go have a look at how she did it.

 I am super inspired by all of these gorgeous chandeliers.  I kept thinking I couldn't put one up because I live in an apartment but I don't have to actually mount it with a light. I could just make one and hang it up like I would a plant or something. It would still be a beautiful touch to any room.  Time for me to keep an eye out for an old chandelier....


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