Pretty DIY Decorated Candles

Potter Barn Knockoff Candle @ Iron Violet Designs
Iron Violet Designs tells how to make this gorgeous candle which is very similar to the ones sold at Pottery Barn.. pretty cool! 

glitter candles @ Momtastic
These pretty glitter candles I found at Momtastic along with instructions on how to make them.....aren't they fabulous! 

washi tape candles @ Sarah Hearts
Sarah Hearts shared these pretty washi tape candles.. This is a quick and easy way to give candles a whole different look.. Washi tape comes in all kinds of colors and patterns.  So pretty.. and easy, too!

bead and bean covered candles @ My little cottage in the making
Look what I found at  My little cottage in the making!  I love how the candles just have a strip around the  middle with beans, seeds, etc..  I love the idea of using seed beads to decorate candles like this! The beans look great too along with the covered pumpkins.. what a pretty fall grouping.

rubber stamped candles @ Craft Gossip
Craft Gossip has posted a very nice PDF file explaining how to decorate candles using rubber stamps! With the selection of rubber stamps out there, the possibilities are endless.

Happy Candle Making!


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