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Many people display collections on their walls.  Some of these are framed photos, crosses, plates, artwork and the list goes on and on.   A wall collection can change a room that is drab into one that is dramatic and beautiful-especially a mirror collection.  The best thing about mirrors is you can find them very inexpensive at places like Goodwill, local thrift stores, garage sales, resale shops, flea markets etc. You can find all shapes and sizes and if you keep your eye out for them, you can have a stunning collection for your wall in no time.  Have a look at some of these beautiful mirror walls....

mirror wall @ My Romantic Home
What I love about this collection is that the mirrors are all framed in white and that there are different sizes and shapes. This is a truly beautiful collection with all of the different type mirrors, especially the ornate and very detailed frames.. love them!  I found this one at My Romantic Home. There's even more photos at the link.

mirror wall @ Alkemie
These mirrors are gorgeous.. I love ones that are hung by chains!  It looks like mainly hanging mirrors and a few regular ones and only one with a frame and it's a green stained glass frame.. so beautiful!  This one I found at Alkemie. Be sure to check out all the other stuff at the link too!

mirror collection @ Cupcakes and Cashmere

I like how this one is neatly grouped into a rectangle... the different shades of browns in the frames all go very well together and I like the variety of different shapes of the mirrors and designs of the frames.  They look great on the colored wall, too!  This pretty wall I found at Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing all the mirrors! I am currently working on my own mirror collection. Maybe I'll be able to post a photo soon :0)


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