Small is Beautiful Park

Plant enthusiasts, still confused with the limited land. Quiet, not just you. There are many others who feel it. Especially in big cities.

Formerly, plant grown in land area with various kind. Starting from the types of fruits, flowers, to medicinal plants. All gathered into a lush and beautiful garden.

In order to keep your wishes come true, forget the concept of plant in the garden. attention to the small garden. Although not sejamak plants in the garden, but still accommodated.

In the limited space available, you can have a garden. With a simple shape, the smaller the budget that was budgeted. Any maintenance easier. You can do it yourself, do not need such household assistant gardener.

Selection of plant species may also not be separated from its characteristics. Instead, choose plants that "strong" in all conditions, heat or rain. He's still alive though not watered every day. With so easier for you in treatment.



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