Minimalist House North Facing Void by Future Studio

Minimalist house North facing Void by Future Studio. HOUSE WRAP has three elements, namely elements of sunlight, space and privacy to enrich the living space. Minimalist home is located in the residential flat quarter in the southwest city of Hiroshima

To make the space bright and wide on this modern minimalist home, while protecting the privacy of residents created restriction site, the walls closed in around the site management to create a 'void' on the north side of respecting the ratio of floor area permitted. A patio, located adjacent to the parking space was extended north-oriented guest room while facing the street to the north.

External free space is seen as an extension of the internal space of this minimalist house, while the wrap-around good wall to maintain the privacy of living quarters on the environment. A widespread impression has been created. The sky can be seen from the bathroom on the first floor, while the car can be omitted from the master bedroom. The entrance to both residents and car-oriented road in the north and founded by part of a wall that can be opened and closed to provide access to space. Sky enchased by diagonal walls extended upwards and an ash tree with a height of 6m through the second floor terrace. This buffer zone north side, although not included in the legal building site, to act a role in maximizing the potential of the site. "WRAP HOUSE" with north facing marked void the proposal of a new architectural style that resulted from the restriction.

A modern minimalist homes in the city of Hiroshima, Japan, where the walls of the building extend to include a patio garden and first floor were completed by the Japanese architect Future Studio. A diagonal cut on the surrounding walls are recognized for the garden and patio light without sacrificing privacy of citizens. Houses of Japan called the Wrap House. Design minimalist house was built of wood and wrapped in black and galvanized steel plates. In the living room first floor, there is a single layered wall separating from the terrace and garden below. The photos by Toshiyuki Yano / Nacasa & Partners.


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