Beautify the room with indoor plants

Making room in order to remain beautiful then to complement it with plants beautify indorr. so you will not be concentrated with-that's only, then no one put indorr plants for atmosphere in the room was cool and nice eyes.

Indoor plants have many benefits of that is to make the room a more natural, fresh and make your eyes fascinated to see it. You may consider to put the plants in one room in your home. The green color of plants to treat the eye so the room becomes more alive and make some cool air. By choosing appropriate crops and the addition of other complementary, your room can be more beautiful.

in order to stay beautiful proper care then do the following things to do in treatment include:
  1.   Perform regular fertilizing because the plants only get food from the existing nutrients in the soil.
  2.   Every week or 2 weeks to remove the plant gets sun for 2 to 3 hours to keep it fresh.
  3.   Snip the leaves are withered and old
  4.   put these plants in the right place to make it look fresh and beautiful 


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