Bedroom Room Ventilation Should Exist

you might not feel the room was hot and stuffy, it happens because the room was ventilated less or no air enters the room.

A room was hot, and the air is stuck in it, it happened because:
  1.  less or no ventilation (windows can be opened, instead of die window)
  2.  The lack of cross ventilation (cross ventilation). There are at least two windows or openings that face each other in one room.
Cross ventilation allows air to flow from inside to outside and vice versa, without having first held, in the room. Air enters from one window, will be directly channeled out by the window in front of him, and replaced with new air, and so on. Terms of cross ventilation was a window facing oblique yag (ideally), instead of a window in one lot but only 1 side only.
The size of the openings should be proportional to the area whether or not the room. Certainly require a large room openings (windows open) the greater the. Positive side of having a relatively large opening, advantageous also in terms of natural lighting from the sun, so healthy and bright room.

Feel the first sleeping room or other room that is how to use everyday? Is there any cross ventilation or whether it still feels stuffy? Having only been able to take decisions or do not want to install air conditioning.

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