selecting a suitable color and decoration on the wall of your house

If your house is small / tiny, should you choose paint colors are bright or light colored. Because the bright colors that will give the impression of clean, airy and spacious. But the thing to remember is, the emphasis for using bright colors should be applied to public spaces that are functionally designed for something of a general nature, such as living room, family room, etc.

Every house needs a touch of intimacy and warmth that is very high, because the place is going to happen social interaction, family relationships are full of intimacy and warmth of its inhabitants.

Imagine if the residence is treated just like us. All walls painted the same color (eg white), all furniture made of metal or plastic for easy cleaning, weather resistant, resistant to heat and not easily damaged.

Well, because it is the dwelling house where the occupants to remove all physical fatigue, thoughts and emotions then of course the things that will affect the fatigue-fatigue above must be dispensed for penghuninnya remain comfortable in the activity.

if there is equipment that is rigid. should not be placed in the room because it will make the view mata.maka choose from natural materials such as (wood, stone, cloth, etc.). memorable for more comfortable and pleasing to the eye the eye and make a harmonious atmosphere.

As for private spaces, you can try with the colors you like. For example, you can not impose to dye your room or your children with bright colors which, not necessarily because they like it. Pick a color they like, but you also must be smart not to use colors which "shade" as the color purple because it will make their willingness to learn to be reduced.

as an additional complement of accessories that you choose and your children enjoy but do not harm you and mereka.pilihlah motives which seem simple but interesting for you and they like flowers, geometric patterns that small size alone.


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