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Design is designed by artists from this country is australia kangaroos, have a creative concept, although the house is also for the melt. The unique design of this house is such a weird tunnel if people saw the cloud, but the interior could build this design is fantastic and special.

With building materials of wood, and asbestos that Indonesian people say. work that is very creative and innovative in an outstanding work.

Concepts that permeate rural of this design, will create a calm environment neutral, natural and comfortable fit with impressive views of natural bushland, while the fan shape with a solid architecture gives the orthodox camp with a certain elegance and very attractive when viewed by the eye.

Large windows open space side of the building to allow air ventilation through the sub tropical house, with a forked ventilation located at one end of the tubular tunnel house, creation starts to look a little less like a like a jet engine aircraft, the design is silly but it provides a peaceful atmosphere.

Comfortable atmosphere to match the area to make residents feel in a beautiful. may be useful and provide a reference for fans of the home and interior design enthusiasts below some examples of designs that have been prepared, let us consider one by one.

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