Swimming Pool Minimalist

several concepts that must be understood in a minimalist build a swimming pool is the size of the land to create a pool, the architecture must be developed and made ​​the design is useful and beneficial.

Design a beautiful swimming pool, convenient, efficient, coompatible and steady is the choice of every person.
A paradise for enthusiasts of this pool is a natural and minimalist concept and comfort are guaranteed 100% range of the park around the venue to make the eye feel more comfortable.

swimming with colors like ocean blue water with a variety of grasses that surround the park and it will feel cool, there are also features that can make us fascinated with this interior design.

Under this concept could apply and renovate and hopefully can help you in developing a reference to a more minimalist, may be useful for us all, thank you.



Anonymous said...

I love the pool in the second picture. I am currently looking at homes for sale in Charleston and one of my requirements is an in ground pool. I would love one in that L shape. I will have to look for that, thanks for sharing!

Kate Dunkin said...

I really love those pools especially the last one! I came across your blog while I was looking for a pool cleaning service in Austin TX and I'm happy I did because I love pictures like these. I'm a huge pool fan, thank you for sharing this with us!

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