FI House Design from Merida

Interior design was developed in a very small village that is in Merida, Spain. with the concept of a special design then so be it F1 House which is a dwelling that is magnificent.

From the corner of the room look open house all overlooking the Swimming Pool concept is fitted, the windows are installed with the open surrounded by various plants around the home or residential home makes it a favorite and can really make the reference for an architecture that will be developed.

Into the pool "heart" of the home is the dream of everyone, but it's not easy to work hard to obtain maximum results and in accordance with what is in want, all the space around it, that when a window is opened, the living room, hall, dining room, kitchen and terrace are combined in a modern and dynamic concept. This scheme, in the center of the page is open, from the point north, south west will all this lead to the pool.
In da house interior TV space and space to relax and do the rest of everyday life, this design is very specific and special.

Contrast material in each element of the house. Structural elements are covered with heavy stone contrasts with the light from the window and with a strong texture drunk concrete, the structure of the dwelling house is made of concrete and metal making it very hard in the event of a quake is very safe and comfortable. may be useful to readers and developing more concepts that you want.

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