Hanging chairs are Simple and Convenient

Home and garden make you a convenient and simple is the choice faithful people who have a reliable home decor, such as hanging chairs from France that are designed specifically for you.

Utilization of wood and are designed to be something that could be useful for the users, the design of comfortable, elegant, dynamic, combined making it suitable for you and your child to rest and relax while reading a newspaper.

If the first design using scrap tires as the car wheels, so it is very simple, but by making use of used goods to be valuable is something extraordinary that could be useful for others.

The design of this chairlift can put in your garden or interior of your home, if in place in the park then you must attach a rope to tie the chair to be strong in the cradle and when in place in the interior of your home can also use a curved metal that connects the seat the suspension.
And may be a useful reference for those who develop the existing decor in your home.

Source : http://www.digsdigs.com/exclusive-pendant-wooden-garden-chairs/


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