Beautiful Residence Honiton

A blend of middle eastern concept that makes the pool Honiton Residence became a miracle can make the user comfortable and quiet.

Dreams into reality is the image of each person to develop a dwelling with a swimming pool that has transformed an Arts and Crafts Movement house into a clean white canvas on which the texture is impressive bold beautiful and comfortable.

The new style of the main interior is an important first step to maximizing the sunlight with natural ventilation that makes people around can feel the fresh life. Previous predator-covered space of the room is the key to unlock the rooms houses and bring about a very beautiful living room.
With around a variety of plants that adorn every corner of the pool will complement the dwelling with the type of Honiton Residence.

Outside the room is also equipped a desk chair for taking the time to relax moment, with views that are not encountered in other concepts that make this a very special shelter and a very favorite place for the development of an architecture in general.

A large stone wall near a swimming pool put in in order to impress anyone who sees a neat and elegant in the eye, the light interior color palette was chosen to complement the art objects on the side, equipped also used white paint on the walls of bright and dark colors or media selected for the floor so that the objects seem more perfect. who was in the dining room there is also a custom-built screen that reflects the pattern in the original tin ceiling cap and act as a decorative division between the dining room and family room.

Inspiration should be developed again, hopefully the article can make the reader more interested in developing this concept is not perfect, may be useful thank you.

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