The latest earthquake-resistant houses

yesterday I was in Jogja with my friends plan on going to take something home to eat the same food, my friend was invited to an area and the area is complex for housing for quake-hit and the house is new and is perfect for homes that are resistant to earthquake .

I was there to capture the results of earthquake-resistant house, I was amazed by the scenery at the housing complex because first I thought it was like a building shaped like a dome of my friends said it was an earthquake-resistant buildings.

It is beautiful and the interior and exterior of the house are very solid and comfortable fit once I pass that way a sense of comfort and peaceful feelings toward me, because I just saw the first time, there are also existing parks and places of worship, the trees in the complex is very shade.

Design houses such as the occupancy of the complex state papua papua but if the roof and building wicker and wood, and the latest in earthquake-resistant houses are made ​​of the design of the building attached to the wall and very loud.

Hopefully be an inspiration for other countries that local conditions often an earthquake happens, it is suitable for the victims of the earthquake because it is very effective for shelter. if you want to see photos of earthquake resistant houses below yesterday that I capture.


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