glass interior design

The interior design of the glass. you may be familiar with this word, even every day, heard in the ears and hold. because the concept like this will inspire you different from other interior design.

Just imagine if your house is small, call it five feet wide and ten meters long. Everywhere ketemunya walls, stuffy.

But with the advancement of creativity, there are many ways to eliminate the impression that stuffy. Among the designs to optimize interior with a material that can reflect room or translucent like glass interior.

Interior designs were not only limited use of glass mirror to reflect the other room, but also can take advantage of stainless steel for certain furniture and it will look unique and cool impression.

Similarly, the interior design of invisibility, not only with clear glass materials, but can also use other materials that are more resistant to rupture. as to avoid the things that does not want in your shelter.

you are interested to have a glass interior design? time to see some images below may be useful for you.


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