3-D Stars Made from Frozen Pizza Boxes

These are easy and cheap DIY Cardboard Star Decorations!!

I finally made some 3D stars out of some frozen pizza boxes that I had been saving and I think they really turned out great! Of course, I didn't come up with this myself, I actually saw it HERE first, but the star there was made from a cereal box.  Cereal box, frozen pizza box.. it's really all the same!  I was so inspired, I just had to give it a try.   I love how they turned out and I'm happy to report they were actually SUPER EASY to make!!!  Don't tell yourself you can't make one of these.. because you can.

I did three of them that were approx. 12 x 12", another one that was about 6 by 6" and then a smaller one that was about 3" and the all turned out fabulous.  Have a look:

So what do you think??  I think that if I didn't know any better, they look pretty much like the expensive metal ones. If you like the look of them, I urge you to give this craft a try.  They are super easy to make and you can make them practically for free if you save your cardboard food packaging. I definitely look forward to making more of these for use around the holidays. 

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