Decorative lamps of bamboo

Decorative lamps of bamboo we can utilize the junk that is like bamboo which can be used with different purposes. as well as household decorations and lighting as well as at the time of lights off.
you can design your own suit with creative ideas and you can also paint or can also give acesosis that people will love to your work.

Lights are also useful if there are guests surely he will be comfortable and feel at home at your place because the lights hypnotize guests to feel at home in your home.
if you want to make this work?

Materials that you have to prepare are: Bamboo, Light Sleep 5-watt energy-saving color according to your wishes, enough cable, paint or varnish, after the material has to be prepared you must have an idea as to what you had to make a style rich in what?
below are various examples have been prepared so that you are fit and what kind of lighting design as what you make, check out the picture below carefully.


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